Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A little Late Posting This....

So far this is the only recorded action of a 6MT I35.

And my exhaust.

Running a modded 7th gen.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Beginnings of a 3" Catback

Well I sold my 2.5" exhaust with the g35 sedan muffler. And now I began building the quietest 3" exhaust out there.

Starting with:
-Jones Exhaust Full Boar 3" Muffler F626-6D [Resonator]
-Ebay brand 240sx 3" resonated test pipe

Working on narrowing down an axle back muffler choice:

Flowmaster 50 Series Delta Flow

Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler

Dynomax Ultra Flo Welded Muffl5Ier

Jones Exhaust Full Boar V-Power Series Muffler

For fun, I will be hitting the dyno often this summer, starting right after I get the first section on, to see if I loose any real power after adding another muffler.
Also to document another 2.5" 's 3" dyno comparison.

Friday, August 29, 2014

OBX Headers P.2

Well this was fun...

There are still some fitment issues even on a 5th gen.

I will address them in detail as I fix the problems one by one.

For now, some pictures cause I need to upload em to post em on forums....

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The 6MT I35S Dyno's Again!

238/207 on the same Dynojet I do all of my Dynojetting on.

Yes I somehow made less torque than the red car.

This is due the fact that the stock ECU is not a fan of the cams in the 07+ Altima v6 motor.

If you plan on swapping this motor into an older ECU VQ35, have either a way to tune the cam timing or throw some rod bolts in and rev it higher (at least 7200).

I am not sure if this is because of the Maxima intake manifold or not, but until I see more dynos of this setup I will say it is because of the more aggressive cams (which you will see soon when I post the dyno sheet).

There is one saving grace, this car would probably dyno around 250whp (which was my goal) if the operator revved it to 6600 which I've pegged many times on logs, the dyno operator only ran a hair above 6k (not sure why he stopped early).

Anyways, I will return to the rollers this winter after my headers, catback and other mechanical tuning mods are done (trying to lean out the motor via mechanical mods aka breathing mods, getting more air in and out).

Friday, August 22, 2014

Altima SE-R Upgrades

(Photo taken @ Power Fab Automotive)

Well a RACE CAWWWW decided to roll into Aackshun's Garage to get some mods installed.

05 Altima SE-R with some Go-Fast parts, wanted yours truly to put some more on it...

Racingline Highflow Pre-Cats

HLSD Upgrade (The SE-R does NOT come with HLSD from the factory, if you look at your altima's diff you will NOT be able to see through to the other side).

Gutted Y-Pipe

We're going to run at the track soon, I still need to make a post about our radically different dynos though.

Till then, ja!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

XTD Flywheel Reveiw

Well, after about 12k miles, the XTD flywheel called it quits.

I heard about this happening before but I'm an experienced based person, unless undeniable evidence is provided for me, I take what the internet says with a grain of salt.

With that, I learned the hard way that the great value of eBay parts have to be paid somehow, in this case extra labor.

Fidanza on the Left, XTD on the right (Mi chancla in the lower left)

Anywho, one long weekend, came to an end finally, good news is I no longer have to use JB Weld my crank sensor in place due to the RWD trigger plate, just good ol fashion stock looking-ness.

XTD vs. Fidanza Performance

Well after driving around for a bit, it is quite noticeable that the XTD is a lighter flywheel, and against what people say it's more noticeable in high gear at low rpms acceleration and neutral revving. When holding both flywheels together the XTD is a little bit lighter, but I did not expect to feel an actual noticeable performance change. In this category is XTD is better overall.

In the end, the XTD flywheel was a fun venture, I purchased it lightly used for about $120 so I do not have too many complaints or gripes about the time, money and effort spent on it, I got to write this post and back up what the internet forums are saying about this product.

Headers coming up soon (I want moar powah!)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Working with the Variable Cam Timing System

Status Report:
Well I'm now bored with just owning a 6MT I35, it's now to make progress in the power department.
Before any progress is made I have to actually finish the swap and get things running 100% 

Plan of Attack:
If you recall my earlier dyno... You can see that the power curve is extremely un-vqlike. Even for a unique setup like mine, so what's the fix here? Well I'm going to get the car running 100% and re-dyno and then plan from there. To do that I have to adjust the VTC plates, I have checked in osiris and I got lucky after a few days of playing with them, Bank 2 is just slightly retarded my .5 degree while bank 1 is at 0 degrees (perfect!). But if you're familiar with any 3.5 you can see that my cam timing on bank two is.... not right. I have been throwing a random code for the cam sensor on that bank so I am going back to the drawing board and re-wiring everything to ensure it's not anything shorting out (which is what I think it is).
So as I can post a better looking data log, I will move on to the fun stuff.....

Battle Weapons:
OBX Headers, 2.5" Test pipe, stock mid pipe and a G35 Sedan Muffler.

Unfortunately the decision to arrive on this setup came after a few weeks of pondering. I would love nothing more to have a 3" exhaust but I do happen to live in the real world and I ball on a budget.
The idea is based on some rumors and a few youtube videos. I am hoping the G35 sedan muffler would not have the same result as using my stock muffler and unleash the bees in a can raspyness. Results again are soon to be found out later on in the summer.

Up on deck:
Rewiring, data logging, re-dyno. 

See ya guys later!